Monday, March 02, 2020

Here we go I guess.

I've seen my fist case of someone in Los Altos who is on LEGAL QUARINTINE. 

Figure I should screen shot it as this person is going to get a lot of attention now and may go dark.


leaperman said...

goin' dark and a 9 year old kid will disapear too. I imagine they don't bury the bodies but burn them, as the virus can live in almost any medium for quite a while.

leaperman said...
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leaperman said...

This is off topic but I got a stick up my ass and decided to poke some fun at Warren.
I send a note to her website saying I would donate $100 for every time they watched this:

I haven't paid a cent yet.:)

leaperman said...

Help! I can't stop!

and for some serious watching:

she said: said...

No one is going to be disappeared in Los Altos. That is the old money version of Palo Alto.

Capital of Texas Refugee said...

Does the Hong Kong Book of Kung Flu have the same characteristic cough sound that people on ACE inhibitors tend to have?

No, really, it is very much a characteristic cough.

While I've been out doing stuff, I've been listening for that type of cough.