Thursday, April 13, 2017

Y'all going to make me act a fool up in here.

All I know is - don't ever let me get my hands on this. Today was the first day I was in a car that could be controlled by a game controller. I honestly had a physical response to this because the way I play racing games is...... no brakes. That button doesn't exist on a controller. Ever. You don't need it. Just be better and don't crash. I'm so programmed for this that I'm not sure I could be in the real world if you could drive with a controller. I was totally afraid of the possibilities because I'm a tard. (hopefully a reformed tard) And you know I'm not being dramatic because I got "the big ticket" not too long ago. For some reason I've been telling everyone about it lately because of their response. I actually thought more people had done that. Only at a younger age.

This is the difference between girls and boys.

Me- I got a ticket going 101mph.

Females - girl! WTF.

Guys - Tard laugh.

Forget all the self driving stuff. It's a super weird feeling when you can move a car with a controller. Acceleration and everything! When I texted this to Mr S., his reply? I notice you didn't say anything about the brakes. I'm pretty sure I have a problem.

For sure, this is not a new thing, but to actually feel it is another thing entirely.

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