Saturday, April 22, 2017

The March for Science was about as lame as you thought it would be.

Since people didn't accept overt socialism, the commies have gone back underground, and this time have wrapped themselves in "Science". It tries to make them seem legitimate again instead of the vague "we need to have a dialog" crap. Or socialism didn't work because we didn't do it right. As long as they stay vague, people aren't really sure what is happening to them. I'm pretty sure most of the people were from nurses/teachers unions. Luckily Comicon was also in the same place, otherwise it would have been as boring AF. There were basically NO interesting signs. If they want to get attention - be funnier! So this is going to be a mixed post.

Anyway, this is my photostream.

Spidey said he was on vacation and had taken a day off for this. He has this sign on his hat.

Lots of pussy hats. And the raging grannies were in attendance too. ALL of the usual suspects.

It was super creepy Facebook had a pop-up room. You'll see later. But to be honest, I think it was filled with people trying the oculus.

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