Thursday, April 20, 2017

I guess some financial writer finally made their way to a mall.

Vacant department stores make way for beer houses, high-end sushi joints.

It seems like just two months ago every article was a freakout about the mallpocolypse. I was like - People settle down, this is going to be totally fine.

In the article I wrote about it, Let them die already! - I literally said "Some of these malls today - the new anchor store is actually a restaurant." And what do you know? This morning all the articles I read are, high end restaurants are the new anchor store. Malls even get to charge more with new tenants.

You mean, we aren't all going to die because Sears and JC penny are?

I hate malls with a passion, but this trend has really been going on for a while. The ONLY thing keeping Valco Fashion mall in business was a hugely busy DIM SUM restaurant. Otherwise it was a dead mall times 100. But it wasn't that uncommon to have to wait a good half hour to get in. It's the major mall in Cupertino where Apple lives. Funnily enough I was a mall rat when I was a kid at the same mall.

They are re-developing it now into mixed space retail housing. But the DIM SUM place was replaced with an even more popular dumpling restaurant. A world famous one apparently with hours long waits. Seriously. People were selling their reservations for a while.

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