Wednesday, April 19, 2017

I see I'm not the only person frustrated with Silicon Valley.

Juicero Built A $400 Gadget That No One Needs. That's Great News For The Company.

All the tech blogs are on fire over this story today. But it just goes to show how slow the Valley is that this company is getting any funding at all.  Seriously - it's super sad right now. Some days I kinda think that if someone did have a good idea, all the VC's would rape you with funding they are so desperate.

"Technology Twitter is very excited today by the news that Juicero -- a $400 juice-making device built by a company that has raised $120 million, has a problem. Apparently you can squeeze the juice from the company's juice packs, which run $5-8 each, with your bare hands! "


  1. Like they say, you can't make this crap up sometimes. :LOL: Man, too funny! Talk about having too much money to waste.

  2. Yeah - this guy has no concept of irony either. Apparently the CEO likes to compare himself to Steve Jobs -who tried to cure himself of cancer with "special fruit juices". And that turned out really well.