Tuesday, April 11, 2017

It's confusing.

The thing about the world today is that you don't talk about politics as much as pre-Obama. Before we all had differences we could all look past. I really don't think there is anything "bringing the country" together, because a lot of us didn't know half the country felt "that" way. And we are pissed.

So it's pretty easy to lose friends or not even want to be someone's friend. Now we all try to keep that talk to a minimum. Yet today I felt like skirting the third rail. I asked one of my really anti war buddies what he thought about the Syria thing, and to my surprise he was completely behind it. And he was one of those guys who said Trump was going to get us into a nuclear war! Talk about whiplash.

In general it's really unnerving to see so many liberals banging the war drum when the past eight years - no effs given. There are tons of times over the past couple of years that I did a twitter search on Syria, and I was like - literally no one cares. Six tweets total. There used to be thousands. The Syrians eventually gave up. No one cared.

I'm mixed on the whole thing. I'm usually a hawk, but I'm also still bitter over Iraq. It was the biggest waste of time and human capital. But I also believe in what remains of hope. If people don't see some ray of light out there - it changes them in ways that might not come out for generations. For as many mistakes we make in war, we were always that hope. I'm not sure what we are now.


  1. and how is it in US interests to get involved with Syria? Unless someone is taking military action against us at home, it's hard to see our adventures abroad are anything more than expensive imperialism on behalf of crony capitalism. DF

  2. I'd say it was to show his bitch hand was strong. It's a way of saying - I'm going to closeline you m-effer. Cash you outside. I'm not sure how crony capitalism plays into this, but I'm not denying it exists. It's just - sending a few missles out isn't really a great kickback system.