Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Okay - I'm officially freaked out about cars.

When I start getting cold calls from salesmen at dealers I've never purchased from before - it's enough to raise an eyebrow. They usually only send you stuff in the mail. I've never even owned a Nissan. So it's weird they are cold calling me. A LOT. They are super vague, so I'm guessing they are beating the streets for buyers.

The other night Mr S. and I were talking about the economy, because a lot of data is starting to look super soft.

He says - you don't think the same thing that happened with houses could happen with cars do you?

I'm like - Hell yeah I do. I never expected anyone to walk away from houses the way they did. Even people who could afford them. So they will walk away from cars in a heartbeat. And most everything sold in the past five years is probably an under water car because the leases are so long.

Him - I wonder what the tipping point will be. At some point they will be able to buy a used car for less than they could pay off their loans.

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