Monday, April 24, 2017

Robots - taking the dead end jobs people don't want.

There is so much hysteria about robots taking jobs - but I think when robots finally get here they will take jobs humans don't want. Think about it. What a crappy job being a security guy patrolling parking lots is. It's completely a dead end job. No upwardization at all. It's lonely.

I saw this robot from the freeway. No lie. It was this weekend and we were on an overpass and I could see one in the Microsoft parking lot because it was pretty empty of cars. And even though Mr S. and I had other things to so - I made him chase this thing down. I've never been on the Microsoft campus. So it took a few tries of poking around to find which parking lot it was in. But we eventually found it - and I hopped out to take pictures.

I did think it was interesting it was branded "Global Security". There is probably some guy in Bangalore watching the video feed.

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