Wednesday, April 05, 2017

Phoney outrage galore.

Wow... all of a sudden everyone cares about chemical weapons being used in Syria? I mean, it's only happened at least a half a dozen times since Obama's red line. Phoney Mark Cuban was out last night on twitter saying it was so hard to watch. Even the Pope all of a sudden is horrified. They all can pound sand! These people are morally bankrupt and it's super frustrating.

Honestly dying via chemical weapons there is one of the better ways to die.

Last night Mr S. asked me if I thought we would do anything in Syria. And I replied - what difference does it make now? Which was sort of admitting that part of my soul had died. Because I'm a hawk. I wanted to go in early and take care of that shit when it was a small problem. I watched the horror for years. I mean, the things I've seen...... there are no depths to the depravity. Worse than any image I've seen out of the holocaust. Yet no one cared at all. Now it's a huge problem according to the media.

The Obama administration seemed to think that if you just ignored it, it would go away. Well, it doesn't. Having said that - even I'm resistant of doing anything about it at this point. We just always get shit on for everything we do. We are constantly called evil while people ignore the truly evil in this world. I've said before - I think some of these asshole should be forced to see the images Clockwork Orange style. Because Americans have a real distortion of evil. And I'm telling you - chemical weapons is one of the better ways to die. It was all out there for people to see, yet people turned a blind eye.

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