Friday, April 21, 2017

That is some Dragnet level pot propaganda there.

What happens if you smoke marijuana every day?

"After days of use, the pot becomes stored in the body's fatty tissue and THC is gradually released into the bloodstream, meaning a person can experience the effect of the drug around the clock."

Oh! If only! That would save my pot budget by a lot.

"Daily use, he said, promotes a chronic loss of attention, focus and concentration. Daily users perform at a lower level at jobs and at school. Focus and motivation also decrease, he said."

I can't believe they still believe this shit. It's almost as bad as the "the pot these days is stronger than it's ever been!" Usually told by people who haven't smoked pot in YEARS. Since they haven't smoked in forever, but still toke on like they never stopped - things get a little much for them. Then the hysteria begins in the media. This pot will make you hallucinate I tell ya! Believe me - nothing would make me happier if I could find pot that would make me hallucinate.

I don't normally talk about it much because as you can see from the second paragraph, people who smoke pot are mentally deficient. Said in the most sarcastic way. But I've been smoking since I was a teenager. One of my favorite shows back then was Dragnet, because we used to "get high and far out", and laugh at all the pot references. And it's unbelievable that people still hold these opinions when people have been smoking this for decades. Even really successful people. Yet the pot knowledge still seems to be stuck in the Dragnet TV series era.

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