Wednesday, April 12, 2017


Yesterday Mr S. and I were driving out to get some food, and he's nose down in his phone like he was reading a book.

Me - Are you reading your phone while you are driving?

Him - Well, google just sent me some new notification about permissions.

So I spin his phone around in the cup holder to see what google wants. And quickly, I'm like - I'm out.

Him - I just want Google to stop spying on me.

So we both did nothing to the phone because it's not my phone, and he was driving.

Then, all of a sudden you hear the phone say  - Give me permissions to let me help you!

We both looked at each other wide eyed and busted up.

Me - I wonder if that's going to be how robots are one day. Needing to ask your permission to assist you. But wow that was creepy. We fell into a weird future for a second.

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