Friday, April 14, 2017

Who knew?

I guess the way to get liberals to care about spending is to drop a bomb or two. All of a sudden they are math genius's I tell you. Obama doubles the national debt - no effs given. Drop a bomb? Now they care about crap they've never cared about before. The cost of one bomb cold fix the flint water crisis they cry. Yet under Obama, with the amount of money he spent - the flint water crisis could have been solved 200 times over at least.


  1. Not to sound like a broken record, but what exactly do we have to gain by being in a military conflict with Afghanistan? Bin Laden is dead and gone, but we're still bombing them why? It's not just about the money, it's also about the blowback. We wouldn't have a problem with Middle Easterns blowing things up, if we hadn't gone in there and screwed with the powers that be. Now we have to have extreme vetting, stricter border controls and lose of our civil liberties because of the terrorism. The US would be better off bringing the troops home, defending our borders and letting the rest of the world do what they will without having us trying to tip the scales. DF

  2. Clearly this is about North Korea. Not Afghanistan. In Nov they launched two missiles, In Oct they launched another two. They Launched in Sept and February of last year. Then at least twice this year. In a while he's going to get good at this. Then what? I thought ignoring the situation was suppose to make these people less hostile. Then even if he's mildly successful then people are going to be more terrified to do anything. Launching a big beautiful Trump Bomb in the middle of nowhere might make a crazy have a second thought.

    A lot of the things we've done in the Middle East is not helpful, but they'd still be blowing each other up if wed never set foot there. They'd be blowing us up if we were there too. And they've been pretty up front on what their agenda is. Submit to their religion or die. Maybe that is cool with you - but I'm an atheist so I'm not really into all that drama.

    I'd be fine to bring everyone back and just protect the borders, but something tells me that people wouldn't really let that happen. That includes from the sky. Hell, I thought you were open borders.

  3. Im for open borders (freedom of movement), but also for national self defense (its ok to fire bullets if they are invading, but only in defense of our territory) Closing the borders wont stop terrorists from getting in, but if we quit bombing them there would be less people who hate us. Think about people who live there and lose a family member, they'll never forgive us, the next generation wont either. Each life we take has repurcussions and maybe pulling out wouldn't end that, but it would make it easier for time to heal the wound. Germany and Japan forgave the US because after war we had peace. The never ending meddling in the worlds problems only makes things worse. DF

  4. I'm shoulder to shoulder with you there. At this point I don't even know if we are helping people, and even if we are - if it's worth the price. Just because you try to give freedom to people, doesn't mean they will want it apparently. Not said in a sarcastic way. Just in a nihilist way.