Saturday, April 22, 2017

The March for Science was about as lame as you thought it would be. Part 2.

I went to take a picture of this because I was sure it was Answer International. Everything about the sign says it was them. Colors, format, everything. To my shock is from from the Facebook Peace and Freedom group. Which is basically code for commie. I just can't believe people give them all their information.

The other interesting thing was..... the Atheists were there! I've never ever seen that before. I've been to a million marches in the Valley. Even though I'm an atheist, I don't feel I really fit into the group.

It makes me happy to some degree that you guys have holidays. I just don't believe in them, but who am I to take away your joy? Also, I'm not into converting people. I'm pretty sure I became an atheist when I was seven years old and my grandfather had a heart attack and died at the kitchen table. I don't need to convince people, and I don't need people to convince me. It's just the way things are. Have all the holidays you want.

See, this is how you know the commies are behind this. But I think they feel if you just turn the fist slightly sideways, or put a lightening bolt in it - we won't notice.

Burning man shirt!

Not a bad Johnny Depp right?

When Deadpool meets Deadpool.

It was kinda cute tinkerbell was helping out the butterfly woman.

They kept multiplying!


  1. You have to admire people who believe so much in not believing that they are willing to spend their weekends converting others to the non beliefs that they believe. The weakness with athism is that it claims a truth (there is no God) At leasts the agnostics leave open the possibility by saying that no one really knows. DF

  2. I think it matters a lot if you are an atheist due to circumstance or ideology. If it's due to ideology, maybe you hedge your bets a little. It also makes a huge difference if this is something for yourself, or something you have to push on everyone else.

    For me - with the things I've seen - I will never believe in a god. There could never be a crueler entity. Even if I did believe, I wouldn't want him saving me. He does a shit job honestly.