Friday, April 07, 2017

And here we are...

Even though I'm a hawk, I didn't want Obama to do anything with Syria because I was sure he'd screw it up. That guy is a spineless buffoon. So I watched the rest of the world with fascination because I thought we'd made some rules about certain types of atrocities. Gas isn't the only one they've checked off the list. Barrel bombs, white phosphorus. I've forgotten all the stuff now. Oh! Once it was alleged they dropped a barrel bomb full of napalm. I saw the video and it was spectacularly flammable, but I thought we'd agreed if people used that - it was a problem.

Europe responded by trying to take in everyone they could just so they didn't have to do anything.

Now I don't really want Trump to go in because who at this point is left to save? The whole country has basically been evacuated. And really even when you try to help them, they will just turn around and stab you in the eye. We've done barely anything there, but whenever we do - all you hear is the screams of "the Americans are killing us".

Chump don't want no help - chump don't get no help,  is kinda how I feel at this point. Why should I care if you don't care? I'm still bitter at the way Iraq turned out. I was all in for that one. People were being put into shredders.

Last night I was talking to Mr S. and I said - I don't know why they just didn't help the Kurds. The Kurds are fighters, and they are the only group that seems to want to be more like America. They try to make their tiny cities into American type cities when they get the chance. The Kurds will at least fight for their own country. Ironically I think it was the Kurds that really got us into Iraq by spreading false information.

There are a few things that bother me about Syria right now. I think everything coming out of there is propaganda. I watched in the early years, there was no mistaking the mangled bodies as not being propaganda. Now I'm now as sure. It's more like the old media coverage of Iraq which was nothing but propaganda. They'd always having people crying and wailing and just wrapped up with bandages, but no wounds. Most of that stuff was staged.

For about the past year though I've started watching all the videos a little closer. If I don't see a real flesh wound, only bloody looking badges I start to feel suspicious. I mean, the first four years of the conflict was the bloodiest thing you've ever seen. Just so much blood everywhere.

I really started getting suspicious after these guys called the white helmets did a mannequin challenge. They basically staged a rescue and every since then I am super skeptical of a lot of the stuff coming out of there. And frankly, I can't even figure out who these white helmet guys are. And I've been trying for almost a year.

This video isn't the full unedited version, they removed the video soon after they put it up because it freaked a lot of people to about this group. At the end the rescued guy gets up and they all start clapping and laughing. He's completely fine.

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