Tuesday, April 04, 2017

I wonder how many days he will be hump free.

Lacy has decided she wants babies. It started a couple of months ago and turned on like a light switch. This means she's been trying to molest Mr S's arms on the regular. It wouldn't be so bad, but when bunnies get this way they want to give you little love bites in the process. Which is more like - hey! quit biting me. She never bothers with me. So, we speculated he might be a target because he has hairy arms. I obviously don't.

So.... what did we do? This weekend we shaved one of Mr S's arms. And wouldn't ya know it - it actually made a difference. She's been completely not interested for two days. But now Mr S is walking around with one hairy arm, and one shaved.  I sort of want him to keep it until someone says something to him. But people are so forgiving these days of whatever crazy shit your into, who knows when that will be. I'm curious. Right away I'd be like - um.... whats up with that?

We don't really know how long it takes to grow back. Most dudes shave both arms. But we are sort of curious how many days of stubble will be acceptable for her. The whole hair issue must be an evolutionary thing. A bunny without hair normally is a sick bunny. So maybe they just don't try to mate with hairless things. I was surprised it even made any difference at all.

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