Tuesday, April 04, 2017

It's fun spending other people's money. See how.

This my friends is a 1.2 million dollar tree. The city was going to cut it down because it's diseased and the kids play right underneath it. But, 3-500 (depending on the report) neighbors got a petition together to not have it cut down. Which means they need to move the playground to the tune of 1.2 million dollars. Plus and extra 26 grand to put a fence around the tree. But really who wants to quibble about 26 grand?

I don't understand how 500 people most can cost a city 1.2 million dollars for a tree. And let me point out... there is not one effing house in this neighborhood that's worth 1.2 million dollars. Even the 3 car garage house doesn't cost that much. The playground is going to be more expensive than every other house in that neighborhood.

As I was taking pictures an old couple whom I'm sure was involved by their lands end attire started to make small talk with me. And I don't even remember what they said because I shot back with - well I wanted to see what a 1.2 million dollar tree looked like. In a snippy tone he shot back - well.... it wasn't 1.2 million. And I'm glad his wife stepped in because I probably would have gotten super shitty. We have homeless in our city, but the assholes in that neighborhood would rather have this tree which is probably going to drop dead anyway. And these assholes are apparently my neighbors. This is my neighborhood.

The other frustrating thing was I had to learn the price from every other news outlet than the one that covers my city. They completely whitewashed the price. Remember when the media used to be a government watchdog alerting you to government excess? Yeah. Not so much now. Now they basically cover up for the government.

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