Monday, April 17, 2017

You should thank your robot overlords for creating so many jobs.

If this doesn't convince you that the rise of robots are good not bad - nothing ever will. Sure automation is scary, but self driving cars are where computers were in the 1980's/90's. This train is leaving the station, and I think at this point there is nothing that is going to stop it. There are too many benefits to people. Not as much to insurance companies though.

Say a self driving car takes one job. Or come up with the number you think it will take. Say it takes a handful. Yet look at how many jobs were created to get to this point. This rig has lidar, so many cameras that it's going to be hard to steal cars in the future, GPS sensors, and there is suppose to be new radar sensors being rolled out next year. At least 5 new companies had to be created to make this happen. And this is just for the outside. Wait until they start on the insides.

I mean, I love driving - but I'd also love to be able to get into my self driving sleep car at 2 in the morning and wake up in anther State the next day.

And just to point out how Silicon Valley see's your car right now - it's kinda wild to roll up to a car and see nothing but a video card in the trunk. Note - this trunk doesn't belong to the Lexus in the other shots. It could have one, but usually you don't get to see what is in there.

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