Monday, April 03, 2017

Place bets now.

I guess we get another stab at seeing what our damns and roads are made of.

So.... about a week ago I saw a meteorologist say an atmospheric river was headed to California. You could see it on radar, but it was too far out to care. Now all the meteorologists are freaking out. You think I hype the weather? These guys are hyperventilating about this storm. The moisture plume literally spans all the way to Asia.

I mean really, people have somewhat silently been freaking out about the snowpack melt. Since it's the highest ever recorded at around 183% of normal. But since March has been relatively dry - no effs given. Now I bet people's pubes are all of a sudden going to be on fire because the forecasting on this storm is going to be super fun. You know it's good when they start talking millibar ratings. This is California. Not Florida.

For example - Oroville is forecast to get somewhere in the range of 11 inches of rain. It's good thing they have a damn to catch all that water. Oooooooh. Wait. I think right now it's only slightly under 850 feet.  And Tahoe could get another 5 feet of snow as the storm stalls out over us. But who cares really because did I mention the moisture plume? This looks like at least 10 days of rain. The State park in my city that holds the reservoir hasn't even reopened yet from the last storms. They were going to open it around tax day. This is the second try at reopening. If the park floods again they will have repaired it twice already. Might as well light dollar bills on fire and just toss them in the air.

But Jerry Brown is going to fix it all by raising our gas taxes 12 cents a gallon and hike registration fees. Because as he says "he's got nothing to lose". He's retiring in two years.


  1. The gas tax is a poor tax. Funny that he portrays himself as a champion of the people and then sticks it to the poor to fix infrastructure. Budweiser will have no trouble with their hybrids. UPS already runs a chunk off of propane. Anyone who owns a retired uhaul for their business is basically getting hosed. Did you know that there are businesses who buy cars and trucks that are worthless because of the regulations and then profit by selling in neighboring states? DF

  2. No I didn't. I thought they got shipped out to other countries.

    He's just typical of the baby Boomer generation. Hey, maybe if cities weren't spending a million two on trees they could fix some roads. The boomer generation cares sooooo much don't ya know! About shit that only causes you to get your taxes raised. They're retiring anyway. Might as well run up the credit card on the way out don't you think?