Sunday, May 03, 2009

Your brand can bite me.

I don't know when as a society we crossed over the line that everything is a marketable substance, and everything seen in public is owned by someone. Oh - that rainbow? Patent pending. You can't take pictures of that.

It frankly is irritating.

So the other day when I spied some cupcakes, I thought "oooh - those are pretty. I want to take pictures". Not so quick my friend.

As soon as I walked up and looked at them, the sales gal spied me and went into her "thing". These cupcakes are made by so and so. We have the exclusive rights to them. On and on she went about how they were the only place that sold them under their exclusive contract. Or some crap. Not once but twice I gave Mr S. that wide eyed OMG look, and mouthed to him "exclusive rights"? At this point I knew I wasn't going to get pictures.

So I broke down and just bought two of them. I cradled them home. After all - I had super high expectations. They were exclusive after all. And I'd just bought the rights to take pictures.

Turned out they were the most unsatisfying cupcakes ever. Pretty. But unsatisfying. If they could have taken something the size of a cupcake from my body, it would have felt about the same as eating these things.

The older I get I realize that so much of life is wasted by useless posturing and status jockeying. Even when it comes down to something like a cupcake. If your stuff is good, you don't need all this extra crap. People will flock to you. The rest is just asspuffery.

Oh, and asspuffery. Patent pending!