Saturday, May 09, 2009

Karma is a bitch - I guess.

So, while Mr S. and I were on the way to drop off the Solstice- the guy repairing the truck called Mr S.

And let me just say, I never tire of the modern conveniences of my car being able to talk to Mr. S.'s car. They talk to each other! Oh, I know its just like a cell phone. But, for some reason it doesn't feel the same. Car I say - call the Chrysler. And if freaking does. Although not always without having to be yelled at. They don't always pick up all the words you are saying. Anyway. I'm getting way off track.

Mr S. then calls me in the Solstice. This is what he tells me.

Mr S. -
the repair guy says that since he put a new battery in - the check engine light went off, and now he can't find out what is wrong with the truck. He says we should drive the truck right over to the smog place, and get it smogged before the light comes on.

Me - you're kidding me? Now I feel like a complete asshole for yelling at that guy. I'm going to have to apologize to him now.

When we got to the shop the guy I yelled at wasn't there. So, I thought I was going to be left with my own guilt. We drive the truck right to the smog place, and guess what? It failed. Yup! Failed. The technician tells me "have you had the battery out? I'm getting a check engine light, even thought the light isn't on".

Mother fucker - I think. Apparently California is wise to my shit. So I call up the repairman and tell him the truck failed - eating my 60 bucks. Thanks for playing.

Now my impulse is to give the repairman another chance, because he only charged me for the new battery. Not putting it up on the rack or a bunch of other shit he could have.

Did I mention that my truck runs fine - yet I can't get my tags because of this fing light? The cops are out in complete force these days, and even letting it sit on the street will inevitably get me a ticket.

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