Monday, May 25, 2009

With gratitude.

Despite having slept really not well last night, I crammed my shit together and went out to a memorial day observance this morning. Truth be told, before this week I didn't know my city had any ceremonies. I wouldn't even consider myself patriotic. Nor would I consider myself unpatriotic. I still think this is the best place on the planet to live. Despite it's flaws.

Having said that - if I could choose where my tax dollars went, I would send every dime to the military. There are certain asses that need kicking, and these are the boots.

I'm not one of those "I support the troops, but not the government types". When I don't fear for my financial existence - I actually am relatively neutral when it comes to government. Just the same as CEO's of companies don't always make the right choices, so do governments.

However, I am completely in awe of the military. They do what they are told. No matter who is in power. No matter if they think the choice is right or wrong. They just do their jobs. And for someone who asks "why" a million times a day (me) I just can't express the respect I have for them.

So, this is why I drug my ass out this morning.

It was a very small ceremony. I thought it was really nice OPD showed up in force to support the vets. Though I did find it a little odd that so many of them showed. I would have thought it would have been a mix of all different police forces. I can only guess the reason is our guys showed a ton of support when their guys got killed. Nevertheless - it was nice.

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