Sunday, May 24, 2009

Today's random stuff?

Ambulance chasing. Well - not so much chasing, as stumbling upon.

Every week now, Mr S. and I not only check the real estate stuff. We check rental rates. I want to make sure we remain competitive for the market. And, if my renter can't pay his rent anymore - I don't want a nasty surprise in finding out the rents have collapsed and I must charge much less for the crapshack. I'd rather keep an eye on the market and know in advance.

Mostly though, you are no better than the phone company to renters. If they can find a place like yours at a cheaper rate, they will move.

While going over the rentals and rates, we spotted one in our old neighborhood in which the rent seemed really high. While our old neighborhood was nice, we couldn't imagine why they were asking so much. We didn't think the area could pull in that kind of rental price. So, we decided to drive by the house to see this fantastic palace of a place.

This is also where we ran across this huge police presence. The roads were closed down. There were a bazillion law enforcement. Since we were already there. We might as well find out what happened. At first I stayed at the police line and used my telephoto lens.

Pretty soon though, I saw people walking down the street. I followed. Only to find out some guy crashed into a pole. He did travel across oncoming traffic. I was pretty shocked. The police response was pretty disproportionate for a single car involved accident. You'd have thought there was shooting.

The only reason I say anything about this is because my town seems to be pretty famous for this. Last year the firefighters were driving new audi's and volovo's. I'm not even kidding. There would be this fantastic audi that caught my attention and I'd see a firefighters plate on it. They must have been pulling bank in overtime.

There are 7 of them in this shot. That doesn't even count the ones blocking the roads. I estimated 20 of them for this one incident.

Oh - the house turned out not to quite be in our old neighborhood. It was also pink. If a house is pink on the outside - the inside probably looks like crap.

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