Saturday, May 23, 2009

Why does god hate Anime so much?!

I attempted to go to AnimeCon today. I will talk about the attempt later. But, when I got there, we had protesters. OMG I love protesters so freaking much. I don't know why. I am completely fascinated by them.

The protesters are over over on the left. The Anime folks on the right. Except for the chick in the front of the picture who is simply trying to keep assholes out of the road.

From the other side of the street.

The funniest thing about the interaction was how the geeks handled the whole thing. How might you ask? By singing the Portal Song. Yes, all those people on the left with thier arms in the air are singing the portal song in unison. For those of you that don't know - Portal is this abstract video game.

I am honestly not sure why these protesters had their panties in a bunch. Yet I found the whole thing really funny. I don't think they got their desired result from the Anime folks, and they eventually gave up and left.

You can listen to the sing here.


  1. What? How can a group of people sing that (rather tuneless) song in unison to a group of protesters with signs telling them to repent or burn in hell? Surely you're making that up!

  2. Ha! I tried really hard to find evidence. I did find them doing some other songs on youtube. Just not the portal song. So - maybe it didn't happen after all.

    If you listen to it a few times it becomes very hummable for those easily memed.