Sunday, May 10, 2009

I like to take pictures at movies.

This weekend - like tons of other people, Mr S. and I went to see Star Trek. I have to admit, I don't think I've ever watched a whole episode of the television show. I was too busy hanging out at the beach and partying, and doing whatever it is that teenagers do. It actually came as a surprise that Mr S. was into Star Trek.

Star Wars.. sure. I'm all on board for that fetish. And many of the other sci-fi stuff he gets me to watch with varied success. But, I'd never seen him express an interest in Star Trek. I'm betting it was the Wrath of Khan. Which I've never seen. But, still. I do remember the catch phrases, and would still bet money Khan would put any Trekkie fan off for life.

Anyway, despite my complete rejection of the series and it's schlockyness. It was okay. Although, maybe sitting in the second row of the imax theater wasn't the best idea. I'd say a full 1/3 of the movie was a complete blur. I don't know why it is that studios try to disguise CGI by making it slightly out of focus. But, they do. And, sitting all the way up front makes that way more exaggerated. We'd come late, and right up front was our only choice.

Since we were right up front - we decided it would be easier to hang out until the theater cleared before trying to leave. The credits start rolling. But, no one is moving. This became interesting to me.

Normally these days, as soon at the credits start - people are running for the exits. Not here though. Most of the theater hung out until every single credit had rolled. It was the oddest thing ever. I even started joking to Mr S. about the clean up crew who was piling up on the sides getting annoyed that no one was leaving, preventing them from doing their jobs.

So, I took a couple shots of them. Then a funny thing happened. One of the crew walked right up to me and in a seriously stern voice said "you aren't allowed to take pictures in here". Which sort of stuns me and leaves me speachless. For a couple of seconds I say nothing. He didn't say it and walk off, so I eventually say "uhhh-okay". After all - the credits are rolling! What is he going to do - kick me out? The whole thing was really odd actually.

After we got out of the theater I ask Mr S. "what was the point of that"?

Anyway. Even though it isn't my thing, the movie didn't bore the crap out of me. Which says a lot. People in the theater really seemed to enjoy it. And they all even stayed after the credits rolled to do whatever it is fans of something do. Memorize the credits. I don't know.


  1. Lately lots of movies have been putting a little extra bit at the end of movies. I usually don't see it until I happen to let my DVD version play long.

    Star Trek plays here on base in two weeks. I'm totally geeking out and going to see it on the night I leave for a trip to Poland/Czech Republic.

    Sarge of all peole likes Trek, and actually started renting the original series from the library to watch with Piko de Gallo. And of course you know we'll have the Burger King glass collection completed by the end of the week.

  2. If I were twenty years younger, I might have seen Star Trek in the theater too. These days, I hate putting up with the crowds -- the hacking phlegm people that for some reason always end up sitting right behind me, kids kicking the back of my chair, people talking during the movie... Meh. I've learned patience and wait for the DVD release instead.

    Oh, and I'm one of those weirdos who always reads the credits (unless I hated the movie). I like to read the credits because I'm amazed how many "nobodies" work on films. And for the occasional "extra" at the end. ;)

  3. Oh, and that's a truly horrid shot of Old Spock. :D Enjoyed it very much -- thanks for posting.

  4. Oh Girl! That was a great shot of Spock. Being on Imax doesn't flatter him. But, he is pretty old now. Yet, I've seen him look much better.

    I normally hate the whole theater experience too. The recession has actually made people have better manners.

    Though I couldn't quite figure out the cheer leading M&M's. I wish I could have gotten a shot. The eyes on the costumes just looked like giant breasts. Ironically enough, I'd never seen them do that before and I'd smuggled in my own M^M's.