Sunday, May 17, 2009

This is a test.

Name em'.


  1. If I cheat, I can name three.

    But if most of them are from TV in the early 90's, not fair, I didn't have a TV yet.

  2. Keyser - To test your old time-y celebrity skilz.

    Truth be told I only recognized 2 of them. Mr S. walks up to me and says "did you see Margot Kidder"?

    No, where? I said. He points in her general direction. But, he is foot taller than I am, and he thinks I can see crap I can't. It was actually quite sad. Pretty much no one was walking up to her.

    Later Mr S. and I had a whole conversation on why she just didn't get a different job, as that whole thing couldn't be good for her ego.

    I also asked why that chick from the bangles was there. He said - don't you remember on the surreal life she was hawking some S&M thing? Which I only sort of did.

    The whole thing was pretty much a sadwookie moment. Image #1.

  3. Hahah. Sarcasm meets sarcasm. It's not so easy in text to figure out the nuance.