Monday, May 18, 2009

I've got your stimulus right here.

This is what they were doing a little while later when I swung through the area again. I believe the two in the bottom picture are the ones on the right hand side of the top picture. Apparently the guy in the tan cacky pants just doesn't do shit.

You know, I thought the stimulus was going to work a little like this: One guy dug holes, and one guy filled. I'm guessing it is a little more like one guy does both and one guy just watches. I wonder how many productive people we could hire for what these guys get paid.

Also making them not so bright? They are fucking off right in front of a polling place the day before an election.


  1. "I wonder how many productive people we could hire for what these guys get paid."

    I think the real problem is that if we wanted to hire more workers, we would. A large part of the stimulus plan seems to be to hire people just for the sake of hiring them, not because there's any real market demand for their work.

  2. In my neck of the woods the stimulus package isn't going to the highway department itself, but only to contractors that we hire for the jobs. We can't use it to do anything but hire contractors to do the jobs we already do, but can't afford. Sweet huh?!?

  3. Depressing but true. If they just wanted hole diggers, couldn't they force them to dig holes which water might drain into?

    I don't know - something that California actually needs - and um, creates jobs? People still have to eat.

    One Reader - Obviously your states problem is, that you don't have enough contractors standing around watching other contractors.