Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Pedestrians are complete assholes.

Why bother sugar coating things today. I haven't been sleeping well. When an insomniac tells you that - you know things are effed up. I'm not quite at the stage I shouldn't be driving. But, I'm ....oh .... so at the stage where a few of my pets peeves have cropped up. Namely - why the eff can't people speed up when they cross the road? Why?

Here is a perfect example of how pedestrians are complete assholes - which happened this weekend.

All of a sudden we are driving down a 3 lane road, and the cars just come to a stop. What the hell - I say. "What the hell", was about 100 people who just decided to walk across the street. I'm sure the guy in front of us said something like "all these people aren't going to just walk in front of me are they"? So he stopped. And cross the street they did.

Never mind that we would have to stop at the red light about 100 feet down anyway. But, what kind of an asshole are you that you just stop 3 lanes of traffic? Maybe some guy wanted to use the turn lane. Or maybe the light would have turned Green and we didn't need to stop at all. Honestly I was in complete shock of their assholery.


  1. One might, without being to "racial," notice the garb of the aforementioned individuals, and suggest, however tactfully, that the country they come from might take a bit more lax attitude towards traffic regs than the locals.

    Just sayin.

  2. Maybe. I think those people have been here a while though. The city is just an enclave for Indians.

    I think it more had to do with the Californian rule of peds have the right of way no matter what.

    For instance, just last night on the news there was a case where a guy on a motorcycle mowed down a man and his daughter.

    At first I thought - man, that's sad. They were in the sidewalk. Then I thought, hey - the accident was at night. How could they not see and hear a motorcycle coming at them and try to avoid it? Answer - because they feel they have right of way and think the motorcycle will stop. In this case it didn't, and the child died. Sad to be true. But, I don't count the father blameless.

    When I see a car coming at me I hustle to get out of its way. I don't trust they will stop. But this stupid ped always has the right of way distorts people expectations.