Sunday, May 10, 2009


You know - it doesn't really fit my definition of handicap when you can get your leg over a bike and ride it on the freeway. Yet, I guess California will hand out a handicap plate to anyone.

Let me guess. You can't walk long distances.

The ridiculous thing is - I'm pretty sure motorcycles can park just about anywhere. Maybe it was just a dare to see if the state would actually give them a handicap license plate.


  1. Obesity does qualify as a disability in most states. A lot of insurance companies pay for those little scooters if you are too obese to get around. Which of course, is a great solution for being to fat...make me even more sedentary.

  2. Sure - if they want obesity to be a disability. Fine. I guess.

    Those little scooters you only have to raise your leg a little to get onto them. And you aren't required any sort of balance to keep the upright.

    All I'm saying is it takes some sort of agility to keep a motorcycle up. And I'm calling bullshit on being disabled if you can. Fat or not.

  3. Agree. It does seem wierd that you can get a disability permit for an inherently unstable TWO-WHEELED vehicle.

    I mean, where do you put the wheelchair ramp?

  4. I'm not sure, but it would make the supermarket so much more interesting if they made those scooters into two wheeled ones. Sure, the old people would still be in my way. Yet, it would be entertaining.

  5. Ha ha ha!!! Two-wheeled supermarket scooters!! I'm trying to picture that at Wally World. *snort*