Thursday, May 14, 2009

Credit card companies have lost their minds.

I have to admit, I didn't really think I'd get caught up in a credit card issue. I'm what they call a "super good risk".

Anyway. Today I got a letter in the mail that my credit card balance has been reduced. Now, I'm a little surprised by this. I do not hold a balance on either of my two credit cards. But, it seems since I've been trimming my spending (since spring of last year)- they say I no longer need the extra credit. How much did they reduce the line? 50%.

Now, I understand this is something the banks are doing right now. But, I swear to f'ing gawd these people can't figure out their asses from a whole in the ground. Why do I say this? Because my husband has been a customer since 1985. With this same credit card company. Sometimes we spend a lot, sometimes not. But, they can actually look back in the database they have kept on us for over 20 years to see what our spending habits are. Not to mention the credit card guy tells me he is looking right at my credit report. Perfect credit.

All of sudden the call rep is trying to get me to "verify" information. Which actually amounts to re-applying for the card to get my balance raised back up. I even asked him if they were verifying income. Which he said they were.

That's when I became hot. Because, the only real way to verify income is through a tax return. So I asked him, so are you pulling my tax return to verify income. He said yes. When I completely flipped out about that, he said "well, we will probably just take your word for it".

These people are joking me right? They are seriously joking me. Fia Card Services. (hey, it's a 20 year old card. What do you want in a name?)

You know, it is so troubling that these companies can not distinguish between a good risk and a bad risk. Current customer for 20+ years, perfect credit with perfect payment history. You'd think this is the type of customer they would want to keep. Are they out of their minds?

On the other hand, I'm also the sort of customer will will completely stop using their card. It doesn't do my any good to cancel the account. That looks perfect on a credit report, they lower my credit line 50% then I cancel it.

I'm lucky enough to not need credit right now. I'm fine with using my other card for everything. I hope these people rot. I never thought it would take so long for companies to figure out who was a good risk and who wasn't. Never in a million years.

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  1. Unbelievable! This crap just happened to me too...and guess who...FIA!! I had 2 business cards, 1 with 10,000 and the other 20,000. I requested a consolidation, they interrogated me, then shut both down - the 20k card had zero balance and I took almost $5000 to pay off the other, right before they shut it down...thanks for nothing you piece of shit FIA morons!