Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Tales of many things.

I don't really talk about my real relationships here very often. I'm not sure I feel comfortable making them into blog fodder. Plus, I just consider them intensely personal. Sometimes it's because my personal relationships reveal more than I really want to of myself. Other times it's because grownups have really hard complicated frailties and problems. It isn't always easy to articulate that into text.

Having said that - I'm not sure I want to reveal my online life to my friends either. Most of the time I keep them really separate. It usually is something that comes pretty easy. Except for today. One of my longtime girlfriends has just come into the information age. Which is really odd.

It isn't like she has been living in a bubble. We both worked at Sun Microsystems. You know.... the (dot)in .com. She never really took to the technology world. I've basically treating her like an old person when it comes to technology for 15 years or so.

Recently however, she's arrived on the scene. Rocking my whole world view. She's got a facebook page, and is now texting. When she called today wanting my cell number - I knew what it was about. She wanted to be texty friends. Yes, we've been real friends since childhood. She's been so technology phobic we've never really communicated via cell phone. Even rarely through email.

But, she is all hot on this crap now. Asking if I had a facebook page. Which I don't and refuse to get. When I told her I have a twitter account though - I immediately went "crap, I shouldn't have said that". Because, my twitter account would make it easy to find my blog.

It isn't that I even talk about them here. But, it isn't like I've never talked about them. And I still want the option to bitch about them if I want to. It also feels somewhat odd making a line between the two. I wouldn't consider myself secretive at all. I'm pretty much the opposite of secretive. Yet, I'm obviously making a clear distinction when it comes to these two groups. It's just odd to me.


  1. And I thought I was the only freak on the planet who didn't Facebook. I absolutely refuse, which makes me a total odity with my friends (friends Light of course). They can't seem to get their heads around how much I just don't care about Facebook.

    Of course, none of them know about the (sort of) Blog.

  2. Sometimes it bothers me that my friends (my "local yokels" as I lovingly call them) read my blog. However, I have to confess that I've used that to my advantage from time to time. Like when I was really tired of a certain relationship and would drop "hints" about it on my blog, knowing the offending person would read it.

    Trouble is, the person didn't pick up on my subtle hints. Passive aggressiveness has never worked for me.

    One of these days I might start a truly anonymous blog just for bitching purposes. :)

  3. MDG - yeah, I went through that phase - in my 20's I feel pretty lucky if I can keep one group of folks updated and entertained on this blog.

    Miz Minka - I've been at complete failure at passive aggressive. I think we passive aggressive folks don't hang out with other people who are passive aggressive. So they just shrug the whole thing off. Which in my case is a really good thing. Sometimes I just act stupid. So, it's nice to have people who don't quite get I'm trying to give them subtle hints. It forces me to be completely direct.