Thursday, May 07, 2009


Me - Do you think I'm drawn to bullshitters?

Mr S. - I never had that thought before you asked. Now I have to think about it.

Me - You have to admit - I have bullshitters rotate in and out of circle pretty often.

Mr S. - I think you are just drawn to people who talk a lot. So you don't feel like you have to hold up the conversation. Bullshitters often talk a lot.

Me - Hmm... maybe that's it.


  1. My husband tends to attract people who talk a lot too. Not bullshitters, but rather narcissistic conversation hoggers who rarely take time to take a breath, they're so busy blathering on. Drives me NUTS, it does.

  2. Old people like mine. For some reason they like to tell him their whole life story. He's too nice to sop them.

    People with maritial problems like to talk to me. What's up with that? I don't know which is worse.

  3. I try to avoid the old people who talk too much. They do it so slowly, that I find myself wanting to complete their sentences. Which sort of makes me feel like an asshole. It isn't fair to them. So I just try to avoid being in that position.

    The thing is - sometimes I'd like to hear what they say. But, none of them can figure out how to condense their stories. They just latch on and I find myself looking for any exit I can find.

    You got me on the other one. I think maybe people who have been married a while are oddities that must be examined by those who haven't?

  4. I think it's the people that have been married a while, and are still happily at it. Sarge and I were talking about it at dinner last night. We have nothing to fight about, and I think people find it strange, and want to pick our brains.

    We ARGUE, all the time, but we never fight.

  5. Yeah. Agree. I also think people just want to bitch about their relationships without doing anything about them. My FIL for example calls up the fam and gets everyone stirred up about his wife. Lately I've been of the mind that nothing he is calling about is new. That he is just as much to blame as the wife - because if he's unhappy and doesn't do anything about it. The blame is on him too. I have a very short window of sympathy for these types of people.

    While they might be very fine individuals. Either do something about it - or shut up.