Sunday, May 24, 2009

Meanwhile back at...


I'd never actually gone before. I wouldn't even say I'm that into Anime. But, it seemed like an interesting thing to do. As soon as I arrive though, I was on sensory overload.

At some of the other geeky shows I've attended lately, maybe 30% of the people were dressed up. Like at Wondercon. And of those 30% - 10% were really well done.

Oh... not so at AnimeCon. It is like the freaking Olympics of geekdom! I'd say 70% of the people are dressed up, and a full 30% or more are really well done. You almost can't even focus on one thing because one costume is better than the next. The other thing was... this freaking line.

It seriously was a few hundred people deep. Mr S. and I get into the line and prepare to hang out for a while. That is until some person working there walks by and says "hahaha. The three hour reg line". As in registration. I immediately turn to Mr S and say "Mr S! Do you think it will take three hours to get through this line?". He calculates that it will take us about an hour and a half. Based on how far we'd moved, and how much time we'd already been in the line.

I'm out - I say. Which he is completely fine with. We decide that if we feel we missed out on something we can register online and come back. Here are a few of the shots I got from the day.


  1. You too can have "Manga Hair"

    At least the girls here looked better than those you saw in Vegas.

  2. How do you know this stuff!>!

    Besides, I feel unsatisfied. The page where it tells you the 5 rules to obtain Manga hair was broken. Now I may never know.