Wednesday, May 06, 2009

The ties that still bind.

I haven't talked to my real estate agent in almost a year now. Truth is, I don't trust her. And I'm not sure I ever will. Not because she couldn't sell my house - but because I think she withheld information I think would have been beneficial. And she's always on both sides of any argument. Which really drives me crazy.

I've known her for probably 10 years. We have one of those grey line relationships. She claims it as a friendship. I think all real estate agents tell their people that. So basically, I can never get past the point of feeling like she is bullshitting me. Normally the kind of person I would give the finger to, and move on.

Yet I don't wish her badly. Business is business. I know she's fallen on hard times. Lost her house or walked away. Whatever. The market seems to be binding up again. I was curious how she was surviving. So I called her. I'm not even completely sure why. It is certainly a headache I can do without. Of all of my unreal friendships - hers takes up much more mental rotations in my head.

We didn't talk about the houses.

Maybe I don't have anything to worry about and nothing will become of the call. Yet, I still opened the door. I wonder if I'll regret that.


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