Friday, May 08, 2009

Foreboding signals.

It's probably a bad sign that I've already flipped out on the guy who is repairing my truck. Right?

The ol' we can't get your battery to hold a charge. You need a new one before we can run any tests. Which may or may not be true. I drove the damn thing there, and the battery isn't that old. I got it from their sister shop. Who conveniently has moved locations and didn't transfer over their database. No record of us at all having ever gone there. For any of our cars. Doesn't exist. So I can't prove it.

The problem is that I can't be driving the truck everywhere to have someone look at it. The registration is almost a year out of date. It still has the orange tags. For those in California. Which stands out like a sore thumb.

Oh, it isn't like I didn't pay the registration. I did. Yet, because I have a check engine light on in the truck - I can't get it smogged. Even thought it completely runs fine. They refuse to even look at the car with the light on. So I've been putting off getting it into the shop.

Last year I thought I might trade in the ol' ball and chain. Now, I'm just hoping to get it fixed and the registration handled before all the rates triple.

In other news. I also need to get the Solstice repaired. It has a recall on the drive train. So I'm taking it in tomorrow. An hour away so it can be worked on - on Monday. All the Pontiac shops have been shut down. So I have to take it to an accredited GM dealership. Also something I have been putting off for obvious reasons.

Stay tuned for inevitable meltdowns.


  1. For some reason I thought you sold that truck.

    Don't they have an actual working batery lying around to put in the car to run the tests? Or am I being a little too logical?

  2. They clearly have a policy. To sell batteries. Which is why I flipped in the first place. Seems like every time I have that truck in they are selling me a new battery.

    I had planned to get rid of it. Then the whole world went to shit. I figured it would cost me less to keep it. And, I was hoping things would get better more quickly. That didn't happen either.

    I actually hate driving it. 2 years ago we hot a super hot week and the dashboard completely shattered. It has these huge full length cracks everywhere. Now whenever I go over a big bump I hope the airbag won't deploy. I know it's in a container, but I think the dash gives it extra security.

    I'm probably just being neurotic about it.