Monday, May 04, 2009

It got me.

After all that mocking of the swine flu. Guess what? I'm sick. Which I find mildly amusing.

So I did what any reasonable person would do. Painted a ceiling. What? You don't agree?

It doesn't matter all that much if I'm horizontal or vertical. I'm still sick. Plus, the sooner I get this room done the sooner I can kill the rain forest. I've fallen in love with some exotic wood that will surely make it so your kids can't breath when all the forests are dead. All because of me. Your welcome.

Not to mention all the extra carbon footprint I'm leaving by having to hunt all over hell and back to find it. Hey, you aren't using that gas. So why shouldn't I?

A big box chain wanted to charge about a million and a half dollars for a few tiny scraps. Seriously. Almost 12 dollars a linear foot. They know I can fly to the rain forest and cut it myself and have it shipped back for less than that. Don't they?

I mean.. they know we have google. Right? It just isn't as convenient. But, it is oh so much cheaper.


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