Saturday, May 16, 2009

Today's free crap.

Sometimes I love how random things catch my eye. Especially now, because the world is so boring. Apparently recessions cause people to not be so crazy and stand out as much.

So, today while driving through parking lot - this bit of technology caught my attention. It took me a full 300 feet for it to register on my brain. I turn to Mr S. and say "did that guy have a video camera strapped to his car"?

We pull over - I walked the 300 feet back to get these pictures.

My first thought was - this kid has obviously never has his car broken into. And in rapid succession - He knows someone can just walk up from behind and steal it. Then that camera probably costs more than the car itself. What is that about?

Other free stuff? Hugs!

Apparently the hug market has collapsed, because I didn't see anyone getting them. If it were me - I'd charge whatever the market would bear for hugs. And, it wouldn't be the wamby pamby ones you'd get with free attached to it. They would be awesome hugs. I mean, how good is free food? Oh wait.. maybe that isn't that good of example - depending.

For your entertainment...