Saturday, February 07, 2009

Suddenly exposed.

Readers, before today - I've never needed to feel awkward about the name of my blog. I've never needed to be. Normally, I'm going to tech shows where there are a million cameras. Or just taking shots of things that entertain me. Most of the time I don't even get a second look. And, I like it that way. Even some of my closest friends don't know the name of this blog. I might have to bitch about them here eventually.

So, I've never felt the need to be self conscience about it. Those who find their way here - should be able to tell in an instant if this is a place they feel comfortable hanging out. No explanation needed.

This all changed today.

I convinced Mr S. to go to SIGF. The international Gift Fare. Which is really neither of our things. We are techies. I was under the impression that if you weren't an exhibitor it was free to get in. Yet when we got there it seems unless I knew one of the vendors - we probably wouldn't be getting in.

At the check-in area I explained I didn't see anywhere to register on the website - and asked if we could pay to get in. At first I didn't think they were going to bite. But, I did my best ass kissing and the "person" agreed to let us pay. Which I deeply apprecite. They didn't have to do that.


Once in - quickly I became aware that this was one of those events that proper etiquette mandated I ask each vendor before taking pictures. Which is really a nicety on my part. I bring a telephoto lens. But, I felt it was the right thing to ask. It is also when it became clear that each vendor sort of wanted to know who I was taking pictures for. This is something I didn't expect, and didn't plan for. So I just came out with it. "I'm a blogger" - I'd say. Most were content with that. But, some wanted to know the blog name. Which was pretty awkward. These were wonderful people. I started thinking of all the things they might read. And I knew I'd just have to go with it.

I saw some really entertaining stuff. And, I'm really grateful for those who let me take photos. Some I talked to for a while, and were just really great people. I urge you to go to their sites as I post them.

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  1. Keyser totally sympathizes. That time he tried to crash a Sarah Palin press event and claimed to be a political blogger...

    "Oh, what's the site?"

    "Keyser Söze's Lair: Where Madness Lies.

    Epic fail.