Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Really ?

You know - if my own well being wasn't so tied to spending, I would welcome the whoop ass that is descending on the economy. Which makes me sad, because a lot of good decent people are being affected. Having said is it that people are just now getting mad? Today was the first day I heard real anger. Why? I just don't understand it. I would say a year past due. But surely 5 months critically past due.

I'm sure people come to this blog and think I'm just bitchy. Which depending on the day - is certain levels of true. I think companies should appreciate customers and do their level best to provide a good service. It seemed no one else cared about that. So I just went with the flow. Ranting about my frustrations in my corner of the world.

I mean - how do we get to a level in the world where good service is a rarity, and mediocre at best, is the norm? How? And why does no one care about this? Oh - because everyone should get a trophy no matter how badly you suck? That might be it.

Now, I understand everyone is busy. I'm busy too. Occasionally I forget why companies make me crazy. Like today for example. I tried to send a fax. Only to find out I couldn't. Because my f-ing fax machine will not let you send a fax when the ink cartridges are empty. Send a fax. Not receive.

Already pretty hot - I run down to the office supply store. I'm thinking earnings are way down everywhere. So hopefully printer ink will cost a little less. Even on a good day in a good economy the prices for ink were outrageous. To my surprise, the price of one black ink cartridge is still 28 bucks. The price hasn't come down at all. Guess how I know that. Because I blogged this issue here.

So today, it cost me 28 bucks to send a fax. For which, I do not even request a paper notification. Hence - no f-ing ink needed. But, the machine refuses to work until I feed it a new cartridge.

Oh yeah. I'd be happy for these companies to get a giant train car filled with telephone poles shoved up their ass.

I said I would never give a dime to the Brother Company. Yet I'm not buying a new fax machine now. So, good on them. They got me again.


  1. Joint the club. Keyser was once furious that his printer refused to print out a regular printed page with the full black cartridge because one of the color ones was empty. No yellow needed to print black!

  2. Ridiculous. Hope when those people are getting laid off someone will say - this is because you forced them to buy yellow ink.