Sunday, February 08, 2009


I loved these salt and pepper shakers, and if I could have found the booth vendor I would have tried to talk him into selling me some. I never found them, and I snarfed these pictures.

Website here. Be warned, the site isn't great. Or really useful at all unless you want to buy in bulk.

Website here. Also geared towards bulk. But, I loved the minimalism.

Website here. I liked their stuff, but their website really sucks. If I'd gone to their site without seeing them at the show - I would have never known they sold stuff like what I took pictures of.


  1. Whoa, the bunnies in the last shot are pretty scary.

  2. It's because that one in the middle is stalking you.

    I didn't really notice it before, because I was information overload - but yeah. Those bunnies might be creepy.