Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Dow game swag.

Brought to you by Hitachi. It is a stress squeezy. And it talks! It says "Relax calm down now. Take it easy."

Odd trade show swag. I got it today, but hey - I find it funny. I actually picked up three. But, you get one.

Place bets now. Mr S. down 50 points. Me - down 250. No betting after the market opens.

If you are new to the snakolepsy blog - read back story here.


  1. It looks like we're going to open lower, but I'm going to go with +65 on the Dow.

  2. Mmmmm. Frothy. It's going to be a real nail biter.

  3. Eeek, looks like I was wrong. Today was uglier then one might have hoped. Looks like Mr. S nailed it. I hope that he likes creepy trade show swag.

  4. Ha! well you don't think you can just waltz in the first day and win do you? We've been playing this for months. I think you could have just as good of odds by betting any day in advance. Or throwing a dart on a wall. Which is why we started playing in the first place. Back in the days of 3/400 point swings.

    I thought you'd pegged it the last part of the day truth be told. I would have actually been happy if you'd have won. An up day is always a nice respite.

    And hey - if I thought anyone would actually be interested in playing I would have found better prizes. Sure the trade show swag is creepy. But, I don't make this stuff up. Which makes it funny.