Sunday, February 15, 2009

That didn't turn out how I expected.

Today, Mr S. and I were going to run a work errand. Pick up some lunch. And then drive up to "the devil mountain" to see the snow. Very straight forward.

Since I'm on a bit of a Dim Sum bender - we chose that for lunch. After getting some recommendations from the guys at work, we plotted two places. (And no - I'm not poking you MDG. The SF thing was rushed, so I didn't get my Dim Sum itch scratched as much as I'd have liked)

So, off we go. The closest place to our errand was a place in the Vallco Mall in Cupertino. Which seemed odd to me.

Mr S! Is this place in the mall? Yes, he told me. But, it was going to be okay because the Vallco Mall was dead. I remember this place from when I was a kid, and it has been slowly dying for at least 10 years. Truth be told, when I was 12, I was a mall rat. Vallco was one of the places I hung out. It being dead seemed good to me. We had a full day of stuff to get to.

We walk in the mall (after getting through Macy's) we spot a ton of people just loitering around. When he starts walking in their direction I ask him. "Is that the place"? He shook his head yes. Holy crap the place is packed! All these people were waiting to get in.

I think there were more people in line, than in the whole mall. We immediately start talking about the second place. Joy Luck also in Cupertino. Mr S. suggests we walk around the mall really quickly to see if anyone is shopping. We go up the escalator, and see the mall is pretty empty.

Mr S. starts making jokes about this mall being a great place for a Zhombie walk. At that very moment I turn to my right to look at him and see this store called Armor-Geddon. Which was really funny. And seemed to fit with the times and the conversation.

After walking though - it seemed some places were just opening. At 1:30. This place was opened by the time we came back. It wasn't the only store to just seem to be opening. It was really strange.

Though obviously if you have the right kind of store - people are still shopping. As I've said before - malls were pretty much a dead before the recession. Now, they might as well bulldoze them.

The rest of the stuff got scrapped for the day. It was actually raining pretty hard.


  1. vallco! now there's a flashback. seems like they're reinventing it these days but with little success.

  2. Yeah - I noticed that. It seems like people have regressed into liking strip malls again.

    For me - if I want to go to an Apple store - I don't want to treck the whole mall. It seems like the stores on the periphery do better these days. Probably because everyone is busy. And, don't have the time to just wander like teenagers.