Saturday, February 14, 2009

Even here?

Mr S. and I went out to breakfast this morning. You guys should all know my routine by now. Right? Breakfast means less people get mentally punched in the neck.

Anyway. The whole thing was completely uneventful. Until I went to the restroom right as we were leaving. Mr S. went to pay the check. I went to the ladies room. I'm sitting there doing my business, when I occurs to me that it was an odd place to stick a blood cancer PSA.

So I run out to get my cell phone. Because yeah - I don't take my cell phone in the bathroom. That's gross. Mr S. is still in line waiting to pay. I grab my cell phone from him and bail.

By this time a chick had entered the bathroom and was putting on make-up. I go into the stall and close the door to limit the awkwardness. Take the pictures. When I exit the stall I see the make-up chick is still there, plus another gal. Which frustrated me - because now I have to wash my hands again. Even though I was just taking pictures. But, I've closed the stall door. If I didn't wash my hands those two girls would remember me for minutes as the chick who doesn't wash their hands.

I wash my hands and it occurs to me. Make-up gal was in there the whole time. I couldn't have done anything (in a bathroom sense) in the time I was in the stall. So I say "when did they start advertising in the bathroom"?

Which made her bust up laughing. "I know, she says. I noticed that last time I was in here. Can't we go anywhere without being ad targeted"?

I agree and laugh as I was leaving

End of story.

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