Saturday, February 07, 2009


I have so much stuff to post about. I am not going to get to it all today. I've covered a ton of ground.

In a Dim Sum induced bit of crazyness, we found ourselves in China Town. One of the busiest places on the planet today. Original destination the Moscone Center. Which I'll get to later. There were Dim Sum places closer to Moscone, but their reviews didn't leave me feeling great.

Why yes. Chinese New Year is today. But, we didn't say for that. Everyone and their brother is covering that. I did get a couple of shots.

China Town is filled with food, and his sign struck me as odd. I'm not sure that anyone was paying attention to him. I didn't stick around long enough.

One of the local T.V. channels was there. The CW. I was really amazed at how much marketing was being done by everyone from Verizon to Lowes. They all had booths.