Monday, February 23, 2009

Oh! Ironic.

Hells yes I watch Bloomberg. It's my ringside seat to the end of the world. I've only been doing it since October. Every night before I go to bed I see how close we are to the collapse of the world and the universe as we know it.

Mr S. and I also bet on the stock market. No - not stocks. How 2005! We bet on what we think the Dow is going to end for the next day. Mr S. bets flat for tomorrow. I'm betting down 100. The over under is 50 points. But - this is not why I'm posting. Just a tangent.

Anyway. When the news alert on tom tom came over the wire - it was pretty funny. Considering Tom tom is a GPS device. But, you all knew that. I mean, you are my readers. Just sayin'. Not being able to give guidance is a career limiting move for a company like tom tom. Again. Just sayin'.


  1. That sounds like a fun game to play. What does the winner end up getting? We used to use a cup of restaurant names combined with market predictions to help us decide where we went to lunch.

    You can also bet on the volatility instead of just the direction. That way one person could say that they think the dow will go up 125 or down 125 and the other could pick whether they wanted to be on the ends or the middle.

  2. I've been out all day - so I'm just catching up now. Obviously both Mr S. and I fell out of the over under earlier in the day. Within 50 points of flat(him) and down 100 (me).

    Which is actually why the game is so fun. Even though we watch the futures each night - we've only managed to get within 5 points a handful of times since oct, and barely more than two handfuls inside of the over under.

    Besides bragging rights - I'm thinking if people actually want to play - I'd start out with funny trade show swag. If it catches on it might progress to better stuff. It just never occurred to me that anyone but us would find it fun.

    Let me decompress from sitting in 2 hours of traffic, and I'll post pictures of the grab.

  3. Had you picked the outside volatility you would have won, but the early races would have belonged to Mr. S We more or less starting things out flat before Bernanke got everyone fired up about their plans. If I was betting on tomorrow's volatility, I'd pick the inside. There will be lots of nibbles, but I think people will be cautious before buying into another rally.

  4. Didn't the market end up 236? Not sure how either of us came in anywhere near the over under.