Sunday, February 08, 2009

When people change.

I have got to get these pictures out from the gift fare out. I'm close to done, and I have other stuff to blog about. But, I wanted to give special recognition to this site.

You know a velvet jesus is going to catch my eye! So kitchy and fun.

When you turn it upside down - it has a magic eight ball at the base with the following sayings.

I talked with someone at the booth for a few minutes before I asked if I could take pictures. As I did with every booth. They were polite, but declined. Alright I said, and walked on.

I never quite understand why. If a vendor has a website, chances are their pictures are being aggregated somewhere anyway. So they might as well give in. But, I respect their privacy. I usually have a ton of stuff to blog anyway.

I was two full isles over when one of the ladies from the booth approached us to say we could take pictures. It was a few minutes after we left. So she tracked us down. Which I loved. I've never had anyone do that before. Either they are okay with me taking photos or they aren't. Not usually a lot of middle ground.

I'm glad she did - because they were selling these post cards. Which I so totally love.

From an inventory point of view - it is such an amazing idea. Takes up very little space in your warehouses. Costs very little to ship. Yet makes these.

Plus, I'm such a sucker for band aids that look like bacon.

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