Monday, February 09, 2009

It's a boobdoggle.

It is a play on words People. But, I thought I'd get you reacquainted with the term. Since its going to affect us all. Just sayin.

Anyway. I'm getting off track already.

Long time readers know I bitch about this from time to time. And, this weekend gave me another opportunity. The reason? This.

I'm unaware of any other charity that is so pervasive. So unable to be escaped. My primary complaint is - why can't I go anywhere without them trying to pilfer my pockets? It really does annoy me. I know I can refuse buy items with their brand. Which I do. But, they are like little panhandlers that follow you around everywhere.

Think I'm joking?

Read here.

They come to my door. I blogged about it here.

They hit me up at my ISP.

They are on a ton of products at the supermarket.

And now hoses? Which actually makes me wonder - how much is it costing companies to change the color of their products for the charity. Do they really make that money back?

Do women realize how much money these people are raking in? They have to be making a ton of money right? The merchandising is off the chart. Shouldn't they have produced a cure a 100 times over? Or are women so fearful of their boobs rotting off, they never even give it a second thought? Or am I missing the point and it doesn't really matter?

Fear is a great business I guess.

I am not actually sure how much they make. But, I know their executives make a ton of money. Here. And it seems pretty obvious a lot of revenue goes to "program expenses".

At least it makes people feel good. Right?

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