Friday, February 06, 2009

Are They Stupid, or Do They Think We're Stupid?

Talking about the Stimulus package today, the President said:
... he mocked critics who say the bill has too much spending. "What do you think stimulus is?" an irritated Obama told a gathering of House Democrats. "That's the point."
Am I to understand that the President of the United States thinks the point of a Stimulus package is just to spend a lot of money, no matter what the money is spent on?   Is he really this dumb, or does he just think the rest of us are?

The point of a Stimulus package is to spend that money somewhere that will get the Economy moving in such a way that it will keep moving after the Stimulus money is gone.

Let me give you an analogy.   (Fair warning:  Mrs S says my analogies are usually pretty bad)

Let's say you have an old buddy who's out of work, and living in your spare bedroom, eating your food, watching your TV, etc. .
  • STIMULUS:   You loan him $500, which he uses to get his car fixed, which allows him to get a job, eventually move out, and pay you back.
  • NOT STIMULUS: You loan him $500, which he uses to buy Cheatos and p0rn.  Next month he's just as broke, and wants more money from you.
Most of what's in the 'Stimulus' bill is not stimulus.  It's Cheatos and p0rn.


  1. I love your liberal use of bullet points. Is that what you consider "stimulus"?

  2. Hey, Keyser thinks your analogy's great. It covers all the people the Democrats want to support. Let's call it the "Lazy, Fat Perverts Stimulus Act of 2009."

    Change you can believe in!