Saturday, February 28, 2009

I know you weep for me. Part I. It's okay.

Do you know know to revive the economy? Comic book shows. Apparently.

I'm not so much into the comic book thing. But, I love to take pictures. And Mr S. can be. Into the comic book thing, I mean. I would have preferred FanimeCon. But, that is much later in the year. Wondercon did sound like a fantastic picture taking opportunity. And, if the place wouldn't have been so packed it could have been really enjoyable.

It started out pretty good. Soon however, I started suffering from battery problems. So instead of taking multiple shots I was reduced to one offs. Which sucked. The people were packed so tightly I'm suprised I was even able to see Adam Baldwin.

At one point I ran into this massive line. I heard "whisper whisper whisper - Carry Fisher".

Me - Mr S! Is Carry Fisher here?

Him - I don't know.

I made my way to the front of the line, and sure enough. Carry fisher was there.

I didn't get a great shot, so I had to make my way up again. But, this time Mr S. had taken up a position in the back. The line was ridiculous. After braving the line again and making my way back to him I said "Mr S.! Who's this guy"?

I know readers. It's okay. I'm not so bright. I'm pretty sure at that very moment Mr S. died inside. Yes. I didn't recognise Mark Hamill.


  1. AAAAA!!!! ADAM BALDWIN!!!!!!AAAA!!!



    :/has a total geek fit:/

    Can I come and live with you?!?!?

  2. MDG - It would actually make it so I didn't have to go the post office.

    Keyser - Cruel yes. Some people age better than others though. After about 20 attempts at trying to get a flattering shot of CF - I just gave up.

  3. You know the even crueler (??) comparison?
    Erin Moran side by side with Scott Baio. I know, I hae an unhealthy fixation on Scot Baio.

    Mark Hamill never looked the same after Ep. IV, when he got into that accident at the end of filming.

    I shall put away my Geekopedia now.

  4. That is really funny. Just yesterday was was asking Mr S. "why does Mark Hamill look so bumpy"! I get the whole age stuff. But, he is positively cottage cheesy. Aren't there some lasers that can fix that?

    Anyway - he went on to speculate about the accident he was in. Which I was fascinated he knew about.