Friday, February 13, 2009

Less yapping - more zapping.

I'm going to be honest. This was a much funnier yesterday - before the stimulus bill was passed. That's why a lot of my crap doesn't get posted. One day funny. Next day not. But, since I have an over-abundance of bitchy posts - I'm going to fake it for you today.

Yesterday, Mr S. went to see about having some laser eye surgery done. He's wanted to do it forever. So long in fact - he'd checked into it more than 10 years ago with a different yet affiliated eye surgeon.

To our amazement the doctor had his original paper chart. Not microfiched and printed out. The original. Which truck us both as freaky. Now that I think about it, they must have had someone drive the chart from the other location. More than a half hour away. It wasn't a faxed copy. The other location is still open, so it is odd they had the chart on hand.


I always go to his eye stuff. I'm fascinated by all the eye technology. Probably because I haven't had eye problems of my own. I love all that eye crap. The doctors figuring out how to fix whatever eye problem ails you.

One time Mr S.'s eye doctor had also treated someone else we knew - who had gotten a metal splinter in his eye. And he had these amazing photos of his eye. Which he showed us. I know is it wrong People. But, it isn't my practice. I don't know why people do the things they do. It was just very, very fascinating.

So I hung around intently watching them. Until I got a little bored and started pushing buttons. Most people just wait there patiently. Not me. They have shiny buttons People! Anyway. Chair goes up - chair goes down. I practically made Mr S. sea sick. Yeah - I'm annoying that way.

He is like that straight A student that sits in the front of the class, and I'm like that F student that sits in the back throwing spit balls. I pushed one too many buttons and the chair completely reclined itself just in time for the doctor to walk in an bust me.

Last night while sleeping Mr S. wore the goofy goggles they gave him to see if he could take wearing them at night for a week.

Surprisingly the laser center wasn't empty. It wasn't packed. There were more people than I would have expected considering. Those people charge 27% interest for financing after all. Which we never considered doing. But, yow!

The other thing I found fascinating was they don't charge for a consultation. So we took up about 45 minutes of a technicians time. Never paid them a dime, and walked out with a prescription for antibiotics. If it wasn't a very reputable place, I'd get a freaky feeling. It seems like an odd business model to me.


  1. Oh!!! I had the Lasik about 4 years ago. LOVE IT!!
    Your clinic is better than mine though, they didn't give me the goggles to try out.
    It was a cattle belt of eye surgery. You go in, consult, come back in 2 or 3 days along with about 5 other patients. Dr. does a pre op mini-consult, you go in. The surgery room is like a giant aquarium, all glass floor to ceiling windows, so you can watch from the outside. There were even video monitors of what the Dr. was seeing through his microscope. SO you could watch the previous patient's surgery. Kind of yikes, kind of interesting.
    Four years later, I'm having some slight regression, that may or may not be Lyme disease related. I have glasses that I wear when it's dim out and I'm driving.

    Sarge had that other operation, that's not Lasik. His recovery was not so smooth. He said it felt like someone poured sand in his eyeballs. Nice.

    I always want to push the chair buttons too. But I'm always afraid of getting caught. Good thing I didn't go in when Sarge got his MRI.

    OK, TL;DR.

  2. I love how you do that Oh! thing. I do that all the time. It makes me laugh.

    I'm not sure better. They were willing to whip you right into surgery the moment after the consult. Which I also found creepy. If it wasn't one of the oldest Lasik places in the Valley I would have queebed and bailed on that.

    I do love the whole fishbowl thing. Sometimes I think when I get old I'm just going to hang out at places like that and watch people. On the streets too. I'm too ADD now. But, when I'm way old.. my thing is just going to be people watching.

    I should have agreed to take the pair with dots on them. They offered both. I could have sent them out with my trade show swag I'm building up to send to you.

    You could have put the goggles on your dog or something and took crazy pictures. Cause if they were smaller that is what I would have done with the bunnies.

    You may have button pushing liberation now.!

  3. Oh! Did you need to wear anything at night at all? I told MR S. he could probably bail on that after a day or so. But, it isn't my eyes.

  4. I had to wear the goggles at night. It wasn't too bad, except at the time I was a tummy sleeper. And I really did need to wear them because I am an eye rubber.
    I only dress the dog up on Christmas now. If I do it too much Sarge gets mad. She's too ornery anyway.