Saturday, February 21, 2009


Today was sort of an interesting day for me. It started out at the vet. I had to pick up some crap for Paisley. The allergy queen. Which is also where I ran into a 200 pound Great Dane.

If you don't know how much I love dogs - you should. I know I bitch about them a lot. But, I really do love dogs. Always have. Except those yippy kicking dogs. Mr S. is allergic ironically. Which is why we don't have a dog. And I most especially love Great Danes. This one was one of the biggest I'd ever seen. He was an older dog. 10 years the owner had told me. I loved on him, and perhaps it shaped the day.

Earlier in the week I'd been knee deep in building the bomb shelter. I'd thought we were going to get out of this whole economy thing by summer. Lately I'd grown pessimistic. We figured it was time to dig in deeper. So our premium cable was on the list of items to save money on. You can download everything now anyway. Plus those comcast guys had so frayed my last nerve for many many years I was done with them. So I called to downgrade.

Now, let me preface this by saying - I'm sure you guys think I'm some bitchy old hag that bitches all the time. Which may or may not be true. I feel bitchy a lot of the time. This however doesn't translate to anyone I come into contact with. As a matter of a fact, I'd love for someone someday to tell me what it is in my personality that makes people feel so comfortable - they spill their entire life stories to me. I never tire of marveling at the disconnect I feel between how I think I'm perceived, and how people must actually perceive me.

Anyway.. back on the phone with the comcast guy. What I thought would be a 5 minute call, turned into a 35 minute call. And I'm not even complaining about it. Normally I hate to take up so much time on a support line. Other people have problems too. But this guy was so completely friendly and helpful. So totally unlike anything I'd ever experienced with Comcast. (Except for the on site techs) Previous rants here.

He starting talking about the shows he watched. Which made me laugh at him, and call him hilarious. I didn't want to engage him too much because I'm never talking to that guy again. But he was pretty funny. He also watched pretty much all the same shows we did. Except for Red Eye. Which I insisted he must watch. He talked to me about his family. I was still trying to be mindful of not taking up too much time. He got into a political rant. Again. Odd. Considering he was a California local boy, and he quite obviously was not a liberal. We non liberals like to hide under rocks. We are outnumbered you know. It was the oddest thing ever. Yet not bothersome.

At any rate - he managed to talk me down from the ledge, and transfer me to an introductory plan. Which is quite a savings. Maybe that guy is the best sales person on earth. Mr S. and I joked about the guy later. Something along the lines of comcast being able to look at our viewing habits and personalise his sales pitch. Perhaps the next call the sales guy got was a sports fanatic. And then the sales guy was too. I don't know. I only know that I'd never once had the support line at comcast ever seem to care if they had a customer or not. Clearly today it seemed like they were making an effort.

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